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How To Buy Sex Toys

How To Find & Buy The Right Sex Toys

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pleasure seeker, sex toys provide the tools you need to improve your overall sex life, no matter if you’re in a relationship or want to enhance your solo fun and experiment with different pleasure pursuits. To help you choose the best toys for your sexploration, we have a collection of sex toy guides for you to read through. Each of our guides has detailed information on how to use certain types of toys; the diverse toy options in each collection and how you can get the most out of them; sex toy tips; and much more.

Our guides to ensuring you pick the perfect sex toy!

For guides on the most popular sex toys on the market, read through our Vibrator Buying Guides and Dildo Buying Guides. Designed for both men and women, these guides explain the variety of vibrators or dildos that you can indulge to take your personal pleasure to new heights. For instance, in our Vibrator Buying Guides, you can learn more about the best-selling rabbit vibrators that are a must-have for every woman’s toy drawer; you can also discover different types of lesser known vibrators, such as the G-spot vibrator and the anal vibrator. As for our dildos guide, although most dildos have similar shapes and designs, you can still find a wide array of different dildos to use, such as vibrating dildos, suction cup dildos, and more.

We also have helpful buying guides for sex toys geared toward specific people. For instance, our cock ring and male sex toy guides are great for men who want to find sex toys to enjoy. Male masturbators such as realistic vaginas and Fleshlights are highlighted in our guides so that you can learn more about how to use them to enhance your masturbation fun. For women specifically, we have plenty of guides for you to review so that you can expand your sex toy collection.

If you want to explore the toy options we have to make your love life better, you can read our Couple’s Sex Toys Buying Guide and Bondage Toy Buying Guide. From sex games to make foreplay more fun and playful to exciting strap ons, our couples sex toy guide is full of information that you can use to spice up your love life in many ways to get you out of a sex rut or simply just to add to your already amazing bedroom play. If you’re looking to add an erotic touch to your sex routine, our bondage toy guide explains the different types of light BDSM toys that you can experiment with to take your sex life to the kinky level.

While you shop here at Simpli Pleasure for luxurious and high-quality sex toys, use our guides to help you navigate through our collections and let the guides assist you in choosing and buying the perfect toys to take home with you.


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